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William Ernest BEARNE/ Nora JOHNS - Plymouth

Frederick Vaughan Bearne was born in Plymouth in March 1921, son of William Ernest and Nora (Johns) Bearne. William was a fellmonger's agent, born Stonehouse 1882. I can find no record of his marriage to Nora.

Rozella Vaughan Bearne was married in Plymouth in April 1935. Her age is shown as 23, father William Ernest Bearne, fellmonger's agent. I can find no record of her birth.

A third child, Doris, born around 1915, was still unmarried and living in Plymouth in the 1950s. Again I can find no record of her birth.

This could indicate that William and Nora married, and started their family, overseas, but I can find no reference to them on any passenger list. Does any one have any alternative suggestions?
I have had a look and couldnt find anymore than you already have. I have some spare time later today so i will have another look and see what i can find. I couldnt find a birth record for someone in my family and then we discovered that they were adopted and of course the name we knew them as was different to their birth name. Is there any chance that Rosella and Doris could be adopted? Also wrong spelling of names can cause problems when searching as well. I will let you know if i find anything.

Hi Gibbo,

Thanks. Anything is possible, although I have no reason to suspect adoption apart from the fact that the names Doris and Rozella appear nowhere else in the family. Vaughan however is used for both sexes across at least three generations. I have found reference to the death of a Doris Elizabeth V Bearne in Devon in 1992. I have yet to confirm that that is linked.

I had a good look today and mucked with some different spelling etc and still couldnt find anything. So their marriage and the first 2 kids cant be found but the 3rd child you know was born in England. Do you have anyone who can check the 1911 census for you? I would but i m not a paid member of the site to do it. I know the kids were not born then but if William and Nora are not on it maybe it will prove they werent in England then, therefore they may have married and had the first 2 kids else where. Just a thought, i have lots of thoughts and most lead me up the garden path but occasionally i get a result.

Hi Gibbo,

I can see no William Ernest Bearne in 1911. I have looked at a couple of Williams but without success. It is just too expensive to check every possible combination. I cannot find a Nora Bearne either, but of course they may not have yet married.
How they love to confuse us!!! Probably laughing their heads off at us..
I cant find a marriage for a great uncle yet we do know he had the same partner for many years and it is looking like they never married as well. If i come across anything that looks like it may help you i will let you know.

Hi Gibbo,

Thought you might be interested to know that I had a flash of inspiration and decided to check New Zealand BDM (other family connections already confirmed) and, lo and behold, I find William Ernest Bearne married Nora Johns in 1906 and Doris Elizabeth Vaughan Bearne born 1908. Unfortunately because of their 100 years rule I cannot confirm Rozella's birth in 1911/12. I have found what I believe to be Nora's outward passage in 1906, but still no trace of William's journey, but that is enough for my purposes. Thanks for your interest.