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William Gee born about 1852 Stockport married to Elizabeth McConnell

Chris Godfrey

Well-known member
Hello. I was wondering if anyone could trace my 3rd great grandfather a William Gee born around 1852/53 in stockport. He was married to an Elizabeth McConnell on the 22nd May 1875 I believe. I was wondering if anyone could confirm that and also who is parents were as I believe I may have this wrong.
I have his parents as a William Gee born 1825 and Mary Ann Kershaw date of birth unknown.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
Christopher Godfrey
From the GRO site (which is free to search once you have registered with them)

William Gee Dec 1852 Stockport vol 8a p72 mother's maiden name Kershaw.

The birth certficate will confirm the name of his parents.
I have already given you the refernce you need to order his birth certificate from the GRO

Where did you find the information that he married Elizabeth McConnell ib 1875 as I cannot find a marriage anywhere. There is a marriage to an Elizabeth Ford or a Mary Bennet in Stockpoet 1874 but that is the only William Gee marriage in Cheshire.

Do you have them on any Censuses and do you have any children for them and when they were born?
Someone did a search for me but when I added all the information to ancestry there was nothing coming up to suggest a marriage to elizabeth McConnell. This is what they gave me below.Screenshot_20190918-194018_Dropbox.jpg
Wow right ok so McConnell is wrong then. I wonder where they got that name from then. Thank you for finding that I really appreciate it
She was born Elizabeth McConnell then she married Joseph Porter. Joseph died and she was a widow when she married William Gee. However on a birth certificate the mother is asked for her maiden name which is why any children she had with William Gee have mother's maiden name McConnell

All that information is in the attachment you added to your post #9
Ah right ok that makes total sense now then. So everything else under McConnell makes sense. Thank you for clearing that I really appreciate it. So easy to get into a tangle. I'm doing my family tree at the same time as a genealogy level 2 course so I'm learning slowly
It can get confusing until you find your fett, so to speak. Just take your time and read everything thoroughly and when you do find the information you want always make a note of where you found it, just in case you want to find it again at a later date. There's nothing worse than knowing you have seen the info written down somewheer if only you could remember where!

I do hope you have been warned that family history is very addictive and that after a while the family will start telling you to shut up everytime you bring up the subject!
Oh I absolutely love it. Its definitely something I want to pursue. I also love history so I'm finding that I can also do that as well which is fantastic
Several things to remember, is that people travel further than what we think in those 'old' days.

Also, when you go back further and start delving into Parish records, pre 1837 registration, is that the dates of baptisms are not dates of birth, nor do they prove that place of birth, is the place of baptism and vice versa.

Study the areas that baptisms, burials, marriages and births exist. Baptisms & Marriages pre 1837, will generaly never give mothers maiden names, or occupation of fathers. Some baptist or non conformist baptisms may give the mothers fathers names. Therefore, her maiden name.

You will find that there are 'Alien abductions, and body snatchers', when burials are not found. It may just mean they died out of county, or further afield.

Good luck, and good hunting.(y)