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William George Barber Birth?

Hello, apologies for the length of post, but I am hoping that someone might have fresh ideas on where to go or what to do to make a breakthrough with this.

I am looking for the birth &/or baptism of a William George Barber born around 1857/58 in Hampstead/Childs Hill/Hendon area (London).

He married aged 25 on 15 Apr 1882 in Staines to a Lucy Martha Weller. (Marriage cert shows his father as a William Barber a Plasterer).
Census Records for 1881/1891/1901 & 1911 show him in Staines/Egham area and all have him born around 1857/1858 in Hampstead.

He was a Blacksmith by trade and died on 13 Nov 1911 at 28 Great Titchfield Street in London. (I believe this may have been a hospital) his address on Death certificate shown as 11 Budebury Road, Staines. He was buried in St Mary's Church in Staines on 6th December 1911. Cert shows age as 54.

I do have a possible family in the Hampstead area that fits with father William Barber born circa 1836 a Plasterer & mother Ann Smith c1837 (married 27 Aug 1854 Paddington) and they have a son William George Barber with a birth 1857/58 Hampstead shown in 1861 Census at Mill Lane, Hampstead and 1871 at 3 Fortune Green, Hampstead along with other children.

Without a birth/baptism though I cannot confirm for sure that this is one and same and that this is his family.

As a family they had six children in total, one born 1 Nov 1854 being a William George Barber but he died almost a year later on 1 Oct 1855 & was buried on 7 Oct 1855 (St John’s Hampstead)

The other children born of this family and shown on various census records were

Ellen Elizabeth 13 Jan 1856 Hendon
Mary Ann 19 Dec 1861 Hampstead
Ann Born 19 Oct 1963 Hampstead
Eliza Born 11 Mar 1865 Hampstead

Most of the children (including deceased William George ) apart from Ellen Elizabeth and the elusive William George Barber (if of this family) were baptised at St John’s Church in Hampstead.

I have searched and trawled manually through the baptism registers for St John’s and others in the area looking at all variations with a negative result. Likewise GRO and free BMD for a birth.

If William Barber born 1836/37 is the elusive William George Barbers father I know from a Newspaper Archive article in 1890 that he lived in the Hampstead (Fortune Green area) area for over 50 years as he was cited as a witness to a land dispute involving others V Vestry of St John, so have doubts that family moved elsewhere between birth of Ellen in 1856 and 1861 census, but obviously cannot totally discount this.

The elusive William George Barber, is my mother in laws Great Grandfather and she too has drawn a blank in her research. We have both been searching for quite a while now trying various angles.

Hoping fresh eyes might throw something up or anyone with any ideas on what to do next?

Name: William George Barber
Record Type: Baptism
Baptism Date: 3 Dec 1854
Baptism Place: Hampstead St John, Camden, England
Father: William Barber
Mother: Ann Barber

Original says father was a plasterer.

Name: William George Barber
Registration Year: 1854
Registration Quarter: Oct-Nov-Dec
Registration district: Hampstead
Volume: 1a
Page: 432


Thanks, that is the first son (deceased) of the family I believe may be the elusive William George's family.

There are people with trees on various sites that have this William George Barber as 'the one' but the early death and subsequent burial have been missed. I have death certificate and it all tallies.

The 'new' GRO search of births gives the mothers maiden name for the above birth in Hampstead of SMITH.

All the other births given above are also SMITH.
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The 'new' GRO search of births gives the mothers maiden name for the above birth in Hampstead of SMITH.

All the other births given above are also SMITH.

Yes I can't see a birth registered on GRO with the given dates for William.

I saw an Elizabeth Barber living with the family in 1861, is there a possibility she has something to do with William's birth?? just a thought.


Yes that thought had crossed our minds. It is believed that Elizabeth (shown as Barber in 1861 entry) may in fact be Elizabeth Smith sister of Ann (hence shown as sister in law) place of birth Stanwell.

The Smiths hailed from Stanwell/Hanworth area (Just south of Heathrow).She seemingly never married and continued to live in the Hampstead area till her death in 1902, either working various servant jobs or living with other family members (Smiths siblings),in later census entries (under name Smith).

It is possible that Elizabeth could be the mother and William George was taken in by William & Ann. Elizabeth Smith was living with her parents and other siblings in Stanwell in 1851, aged 17.

Thinking about it now, this might explain why the elusive William George Barber moved to Staines (only Barber from Hampstead to do so) it is next to Stanwell. Whilst other Smith family members moved the other way to Hampstead area.

I have looked previously at the possibility Elizabeth was the mother but I will revisit and see if taking another look throws anything up.