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William Gibson


Again :rolleyes:

The Moreton Bay Courier (Brisbane, Qld. : 1846 - 1861)
Saturday 9 February 1861


The facts connected with the two above cases are these,-Murphy, the plaintiff in one and de- fendant in the other, was hired some considerable tlme ago by one William Gibson, a blacksmith and wheelwright in Drayton, as a generally useful ser- vant about his house and garden, Murphy's wife being hired at the same time by the same party. The premises occnpied by Gibson were rented by him from Mr. S. Mehan. One Thomas Allen, who is in the employment of Mr. Mehan lately levied, as agent for Mr. Mehan, upon Gibson for rent, and at ..............................................

I have emailed the Toowoomba family history mob and no one has anything on him.

Any suggestions on how i can find out more about this William Gibson please:)
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Im still trying to get hold of a book "Queenslanders: - Pioneer Families 1859-1901" It was published to celebrate 150 years of QLD. Apparently there is a mention of George, William's son in it but how much there is on him i dont know. Figured if i can track the book down it would make interesting reading anyway. Just waiting for the QLD Family History society to get to me about it.
HELP please :biggrin:

Think i might have stumbled across something but i really need some help with it please.

The other day i come across a site that has photos of different graves from the Drayton Cemetery, Drayton been the first place i have the Gibson's in.
Emailed this fella for a copy of the photos.

Well i got back 3 photos, one of a headstone with a name on it i have no idea who it is but the name DOWNS is written on the bottom of it. George Gibson married a Eliza DOWNS in Drayton in 1856. Maybe a connnection?

The next photo is a headstone for a William Gibson.

BUT then the 3rd photo is of both of the above headstones next to each other but in the same plot.

Could i be onto something here? :confused:

I cant see dates on the headstones tho:(
I think the Downs is From Darling Downs so not necessarily a surname:rolleyes:

I think the date on William Gibson's headstone is 1920:confused:

If it is 1920 its not my fella, William would have been over 100 :2fun::2fun: and if George had a brother William its not him cause the parents arent right:rolleyes:

1920/C5160 William Gibson --Parents Edward Gibson Mary Leith

Back to the drawing board :rolleyes:
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Saturday 11 July 1908
MILES.-On July 4, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. W. Gibson, Toowoomba, Caroline Miles, aged 84.

Death index :rolleyes:
1908/C3693 Caroline Miles
1873/B3975 Gibson William Miles Alice Mary

1920/C5160 William Gibson --Parents Edward Gibson Mary Leith

Edward is a interesting name. Its a name in my Gibson lot. Probably a name in every Gibson family to :2fun::2fun:
Yeah think we sorted them ones :2fun::2fun:

BUT what if William's father, Edward, was a brother to George? :confused:

Might see if i can find a marriage for this Edward and Mary Leith:rolleyes:
I havent got anything else to work with so got nothing to lose by looking :2fun::2fun::2fun:
No results found for "edward gibson' married "mary leith".

Can't find a tree. Can't find the marriage yet.