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William Henry Bolton Wroe

My grandfather, with a name like that I thought I wouldn't have any trouble finding him:confused:

I know he was born in 1845 in Manchester, he married my grandmother Ada Elizabeth Luckock (widow) 9th June 1913, he was a widower. He was 68 she 32. The address on marriage cert is Gomm Street, West Gorton. His father is Thomas and occupation was velvet dyer (deceased).

I've searched everywhere I can think of, (the usual route), til I'm dizzy, so I hope there is someone out there with any information about him or the family Wroe .


Could be William in 1871 with wife Susannah

Civil parish Stockport
Rd Stockport
Sub RD Stockport First

William HB Wroe head age 26 occ fish salesman born Openshaw
Susannah wife age 22 born Wirksworth Derbyshire
Mary Kidd m in law age 64 occ laundress born Kirk---- Derbyshire
Emma o Kidd dau age 5 born Stockport

William and Susannah in 1901

Civil parish South Manchester
RD Chorlton
sub RD Ardwicjk
3, St.Clements Place

William Wroe head age 56 occ joiners lab born Manchester Newton
Susannah wife age 52 born Wirksworth



Jan/Feb/Mar 1/4
District Stockport
Vol 8a
Page 84
William HB Wroe
Susannah Kidd

A possilbilty in 1851

Civil parish Openshaw
RD Chorlton
Sub RD Didbury
School Houses

Thomas Wroe head age 35 occ ------ dyer born Pleakley?
Sarah wife age 28 born Sheffield
William son age 6 born Openshaw
Elizabeth dau age 4 born Openshaw



Susannah Wroe born abt 1848
District Chorlton
Apr/May/Jun 1/4
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He is listed on marrige cert to my Nana as builders labourer, that would fit with the joiners in 1901. It's a bit like a jigsaw with no picture to help.
1851 is definitely the family, but I couldn't seem to find them in 61. Will send for a marriage cert for 71 and see if the details match.

Many thanks for your help, amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can find:)