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William Henry JOHNSON


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Another look at this one.

RG12 Piece 359 Folio 52 Page 19
Civil Parish: Newington
County: London
Registration District: St Saviour Southwark
Sub-RD: Walworth St Peter
ED: 18
No of Schedule: 647
Address: 133 Westmoreland Rd
HILL George Head Mar 57 Hatter Walworth London
HILL Annie Wife Mar 46 - Devonshire
JOHNSON William H Stepson S 21 Collar Cutter Shirt Walworth London
JOHNSON Herbert Stepson 16 Errand Boy Port Bermondsey London
JOHNSON Caroline K Stepson [sic] 12 Scholar Bermondsey London
JOHNSON Adelaide Stepson [sic] 10 Scholar Bermondsey London
WATSON Elizabeth Boarder S 21 Confectionery Assistant Blackfriars London

William's father should be Edward Albert Johnson - deceased in 1892 when William married.

I can't find birth reg that fit for Caroline or Adelaide.

Johnston children not yet found in 1871 or 1881.
Not sure what is going on yet but believe this is the family in 1881

George Waylett 1842. Ironmonger's porter born Braintree, Essex
Annie wife 1849 Machinist born Walworth, Surrey
William 12 born Walworth
Herbert 1874 Bermondsey
Arthur 1876 Bermondsey
Caroline 1879 Bermondsey
Ada 1881 Bermondsey

Children and Annie all Waylett and down as sons and daughters.

Do you have Annie's maiden name? Will do more digging
Perhaps Annie had a child with a Johnson then rest of children to George Waylett. However children are born and no mother's maiden name in index for Arthur and Caroline Waylett. There is an Ada Emily Waylett born in 1881 in St Olave, Southward mother maiden name Francis but even that is not helping a jot. Will wait to see if you have any info on Annie.

In Newington, St Saviour Southward, there is an Annie Johnson 1845, machinist as she was in 1871 living with a James Johnson and with sons Edward and Wm. Wm 1870 born Walworth. Just a bit of a common name but only one I can find where birthplace and mother match. But doesn't match what Wm said on his marriage. Did he emigrate?
Caroline Rosa Waylett Mar 1879 Saint Olave, Southwark 1d 284 mmn Fife
Arthur Waylett Sep 1876 St Olave, Southwark 1d 247 mmn Fife
Thanks Barbara.

Thanks emeltee.

I have no definite maiden name for Annie but I did have this as a possible birth reg based on the RD Newington.

Births Dec 1869 JOHNSON William Henry - Newington 1d 223 mmn FIFE
1939 Register
William H Johnson
Birth Date: 25 Sep 1869
Residence Year: 1939
Address: 71 Selkirk Road
Residence Place: Wandsworth, London, England
Occupation: Retired Gents Collar Cutter
Schedule Number: 118
Sub Schedule Number: 1
Enumeration District: AXQM AXQN
Registration district: 24-4
Inferred Spouse: Elizabeth A Johnson [4 Oct 1869]
Catherine C or G Sayer [27 Aug 1908]

Both together up to 1949.

Deaths Jun 1950 JOHNSON William H 80 Wandsworth 5d 673

No Probate record found.

London E/R 1951
Elizabeth A Johnson
Street address: T1
Ward or Division/Constituency: Clapham and Central
County or Borough: Wandsworth
[71 Selkirk Road. On her own]

Elizabeth still there in 1963, rolls only go up to 1965.


No Probate record found.