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William Hewitt MBE

William was Born 1892 in Hull and served in the East Yorkshire Regiment enlisting unknown but definitely prior to WW1 and being discharged in 1920. He further served during WW2 with the National Defence Company. He was gazetted 16th November 1943 as a 2nd Lieutenant with his entry saying " William Hewitt MBE 297109"
I'm having difficulty find out when he was awarded the MBE and for what.
WW2 is hard to search due to most stuff still been "recent" and closed for certain lengths of time, unless the closet living next of kin want to apply for it.

The Military museum [link below] helped me a while back with one of my ancestors, might be worth dropping them a email and seeing if they can help or at least point you in the right direction. Good luck :)

I have found the Gazette entry but nothing else so far. What is the 297109 ?

The London Gazette
Publication date: 16 November 1943 Supplement: 36253 Page: 5069

The announcements are published in The London Gazette but do not normally include a citation, just the name of the recipient. Records that provide the reasons why individuals were awarded honours (known as recommendations) are very scarce.