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William Hope JOHNSTON

My first contact with my ISP was 22 May when I advised them I was moving and wanted my old phone number ported if possible.

Turns out it can be ported after all and the TIO has given them until 5pm on 30 July to provide the phone with my old number.

Never heard anything like it, unless we've just been lucky... New numbers or transferring old numbers usually happen on the same day or within a day or so as I recall! At least you now have some light at the end of the tunnel.

Problem Geoff is that the ISP is a retailer and as such has no control over the wholesaler who owns the copper pairs. That said, the ISP admitted it was 'human error' they didn't initially tell the wholesaler I wanted my old number if possible not just the first available number on the local exchange.

The copper pair is connected to a different exchange and the ISP's web site lists possible reasons why a number can't be ported.
One reason - you are connected to a different exchange.

Not actually correct. That was part of the problem. Some replies from ISP said yes, some said maybe and others said no it can't be ported.

No because of a different exchange was the issue many years ago but the exchanges have been digitised and the exchange no longer matters as long as it is in the same prefix dial up code.

Even though the exchanges progress and improve their hardware etc., some parts still rely on human intervention being correct!.