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William KILFOYLE & Alice Ann STEVENS


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Marriage 1890 KILFOYLE Wm (b. Talbot) - STEVENS Alice Ann (b. Maldon) Vic. #7440

Looking for their births and marriage and death of their parents.


The fiche at the State Library for marriages in Vic. often give pob although not always agreeing with the pob listed in the Vic. birth records.
Even if pob is not correct at least it shows both should be in the Vic. birth index.

William died 1911 aged 49.

Alice Ann died 1951 aged 81.
Kilfoyle William Boulder Reg # 61 1911

Event: births
Registration number11988 / 1862
Family name: KILFOYLE
Given name(s)William
Place of event:AMHE, Australia
Mother's name<Unknown Family Name>, Hannah
Mother's family name at birth SAMUELS
Father's Name:<Unknown Family Name>, Joseph
Leader (Melbourne, Vic. : 1862 - 1918, 1935)
Sat 4 Jan 1890
KILFOYLE.—On the 22nd December, at Rocky Flat, Talbot, Joseph, the beloved husband of Hannah Kilfoyle, after a long and painful illness, aged 66 years.
Event: deaths
Registration number19152 / 1889
Family name:KILFOYLE
Given name(s)Jos
Place of event:Talbot-amherst, Australia
Mother's name<Unknown Family Name>, Hannah
Mother's family name at birthUNKNOWN
Father's Name:<Unknown Family Name>, Hy

Registration number10899 / 1905
Family name:KILFOYLE
Given name(s)Hannah
Place of event:Talbot, Australia
Personal detail
Mother's name<Unknown Family Name>, Hannah
Mother's family name at birth HUTCHINSON
Father's Name:<Unknown Family Name>, Samuels Hy
Registration number23209 / 1869
Family name:STEVENS
Given name(s)Alice Ann
Place of event:MALDON, Australia
Mother's name<Unknown Family Name>, Louisa
Mother's family name at birth GWYMER
Father's Name:<Unknown Family Name>, John

Registration number336 / 1863
Family name:GUYMER
Given name(s)Louisa
Spouse's family name:STEVENS
Spouse's given name(s)John
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The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954)
Thu 7 Nov 1895
STEVENS.— On 6th November, at 245 Amess-street, North Carlton, John Stevens, the dearly beloved husband of Louisa Stevens, late of Maldon, aged 64 years.


Event: deaths
Registration number12557 / 1895
Family name: STEVENS
Given name(s)Jno
Place of event:Carl N, Australia
Mother's name<Unknown Family Name>, Mary
Mother's family name at birth MEDLIN
Father's Name:<Unknown Family Name>, Jno

Registration number8733 / 1930
Family name:STEVENS
Given name(s)Louisa
Place of event:CARLTON, Australia
Mother's name<Unknown Family Name>, Charlotte
Mother's family name at birthTURNER
Father's Name:<Unknown Family Name>, GUYMER Robert
Aged 83

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Thanks gibbo.

I spent the morning in the garden extending the bird netting fence another 2.4m.
The marriage of Joseph Kilfoyle to Hannah Samuels not in Vic. index. Not in NSW or England.
Not seeing the marriage yet.. A couple of trees point to this, not validated..

Joseph Kilfoyle..
Hannah Samuels

Tree also indicates Hannah b. Sydney..

Hannah Samuels
Birth Date1832
Registration Year: 1832
Place: Sydney New South Wales
Parents = Henry Samuels & Hannah
Volume Number: V1832282 19

45/1836 V183645 20 SAMUELS HENRY -- BENSON HANNAH -- CA

Hannah Hitchens first married Thomas Benson and they had 2 daughters MARY ANN and SARAH ANN.

Following Thomas’ death in Liverpool Asylum, Hannah bore children to and later married HENRY SAMUELS.


Reading down further apparently Hannah was a convict.
Another tree has this..

Hannah Hutchins
Convicted Location: Newgate, England
Convicted Date: 15 Jun 1823
Age at conviction: 1805
Birth Location: Islington, England

Index Name Convicts Applications to Marry 1825-1851

Title SAMUELS, Henry HUTCHINS, Hannah
SHIP (MALE) Prince of Orange
REMARKS (MALE) Age: 32; Sentence: 7 years; Condition: Free
SHIP (FEMALE) Brothers (1)
REMARKS (FEMALE) Age: 31; Sentence: Life; Condition: T of L; widow
Place Sydney
Date of Permission 28 Jun 1836
Clergyman COWPER, Revd W
Citation NRS 12212 [4/4509 p.207]; COD 12; Reel 713; Fiche 782-785
ECommerce Category A
Index Number 68
45/1836 V183645 20 SAMUELS HENRY -- BENSON HANNAH -- CA

Page 30
Marriages solemnized in the Parish of St. Philip, Sydney in the County of Cumberland in the Year 1836
No. 120
Henry Samuels of this Parish Labourer, a Bachelor
Hannah Hutchins or Benson of this Parish a Widow
married in this Church by Banns with consent of Government
this Twelfth day of September 1836 By me William Cowper Chaplain
Parties signed: Henry Samuels his x mark, Hannah Hutchins or Benson her x mark
Witnesses: William Peckham of Sydney, Celia Peckham of Sydney
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A late baptism and the date cut off by the binding.

Page 9
Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of St. Philip, Sydney in the County of Cumberland in the Year 1835
No. 126 When Baptised: ? June 1835 When Born: 13th Augt. 1832 Hannah Daughter of Henry & Hannah Samuels Abode: Sydney Quality or Profession: Dealer By whom the Ceremony was performed: William Cowper

Hannah Samuels
Event Type:
Event Date:
21 Jun 1835
Event Place:
Argyle, New South Wales, Australia
Event Place (Original):
Argyle, New South Wales, Australia
Birth Date:
13 Aug 1832
Father's Name:
Henry Samuels
Mother's Name:

That's an error with Argyle. It's Sydney in County of Cumberland. The image of the baptism does not have the word 'Argyle' on the page.