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william P Masters

Hillbank, Sth Australia
Hi all,

Could someone do a lookup for me. I am trying to find where this person fits into my tree. On the 1901 census he is living with George & Clara Coleman & is recorded as Son. He was listed as being born 1889 in Amersham Common, Buckinghamshire. I can find no record of his birth.

In 1891 George would still be married to Mary Ann. Mary Ann died in 1893 & he married Clara in 1896.

Cheers Peta
Hi Peta,

Have you George and Mary's Ann year and place of birth?There is a possibilty for 1891 but not sure.

Tried looking up George in 1901 but its not showing (really frustrating) can you give the ref details please.
Hi Peta,

Found them in 1901, also found this family in 1891

Civil parish Broughton
Reg district Kettering
County Northamptonshire

George Coleman head age occ furnace labourer born Banbury Oxfordshire
Mary A wife age 57 born Broughton
John G son age 9 born Sacombe Herts
Percy W son age 6 born Sacombe
Albert A son age 4 born Sacombe
Edwin J or T son age 2 born Sacombe

No luck with William P Masters
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Hi Peta,

Looking at the 1901 census for the civil parish of Broughton theres a Masters family in the same parish as George and Clara and was wondering if William belonged to that family and son was entered incorrectly!
Hi Julie,

Yes thats the family. Well it's the same one I have been looking at. I have it written down that William P Masters appears as a son on the 1901 census. For the life of me I can't recall where I got the info & I didn't write it down (stupid me :eek: ). So now I'm backtracking trying to make sense of it.

I have wondered if William. P . Masters was a visitor on the night. I like your theory that he belonged elsewhere. Edwin T was my grandfather.
George was born c1848 & Clara c 1865 though I haven't been able to pin that detail down yet. I've been going on the memories of a very old aunt & trying to confirm details. Everything I have found & what you found matches her memories except that I found William on the 1901 census somewhere & she said there was also a Polly in the family who remains elusive & that George & Clara had a son either Mark or Michael.

I was hoping that if Wiliam turned up elsewhere on the 1891 census it might hint at where he actually belongs for the 1901 census.

Thanks for your help. I think I need to eliminate some other if's, but's & maybe's before I go on

Cheers Peta
Hi Julie,

I didn't know that. There was a daughter on the 1881 census named Mary Ann who isn't there on the 1891 census. Might have been her. Not sure what happened to her. Thanks for the help