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William Ryan born 25 November 1936

I did try the link with no luck Michael and Diane are buried in Witton Cemetery Moor Lane B6 7AE I think Diane died in 1963 but not sure I know that they lived at 83 Victoria Road Aston Birmingham I know this as my mother lived with them when she married William Ryan my father came from Montserrat would be grateful for any help
Between 1871 and 1956 Montserrat was part of the (British) Federal Colony of the Leeward Islands, which included the British Virgin Islands, Saint Kitts–Nevis–Anguilla, and Dominica. In 1951 universal suffrage was declared, and the following year Montserratian women voted for the first time. The federation was abolished on July 1, 1956, when Montserrat became a colony in its own right. During 1958–62 Montserrat was part of the short-lived Federation of the West Indies. Montserratians—unlike their counterparts in most other British Caribbean colonies—did not seek associated statehood, which would have been a step toward independence.

Maybe records in London
Raised in 1899, the unit is today a reduced force of about forty volunteer soldiers, primarily concerned with civil Defence and ceremonial duties. The unit has a historical association with the Irish Guards.[1][2][3][4] The current Commanding Officer is Major Alvin Ryan, who took over from the late Captain Horatio Tuitt. As a British Overseas Territory (BOT), defence of Montserrat remains the responsibility of the United Kingdom.

Royal Montserrat Defence Force
Ryan is the English-language name derived from the old Irish name Rian. The name derives from the Irish name O'Riain, which in turn derived from the name O'Mulriain. Popular sources suggest the name means little king or illustrious.10 Sept 2021
Also, most countries have a 100-year blackout on records so a birth after 1922 probably won't be available on any site now.
Sorry no I have been trying to find my grandparents register of death I know they were buried in Witton cemetery Moor Lane Birmingham UK their names were Diane Ryan and Michael Ryan would be grateful for any help
I found this death reg. Its handy when they have year of birth noted as well.

From free bmd
Deaths Dec quarter 1969
RYAN Diana Elizabeth -
date of birth Oc 1916
district Birmingham
volume 9c page 1872


Yet familysearch has district as Warwicshire. I don't know areas of the UK so either its ok or there has been a error in one of them when transcribed.

Name Diana Elizabeth Ryan
Death Date 1969
Death Place Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom
Death Place (Original) Warwickshire
Birth Date Oct 1916
Page 1872
Volume 9C
Affiliate Line Number 50

Im trying to find something to confirm it's the right death.
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So many deaths for Michael Ryan's wouldn't know which is his. Need a death notice or funeral notice for Diana and see what information that gives up. Or maybe contact the cemetery and see what info they have on the burial for Diana and hopefully if it's the right death for her he may be buried with her??

Wow they want £10 to download a copy of the burial register! There must be another way to find out more. Lot of money for something that might have limited info or not even the right person yet.

deceased name Ryan, Diana
Month of burial 12
Yeah of burial 1969
Cemetery Witton Cemetery

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