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William Thomas de FRAINE


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I'd like a look up please for the following de FRAINE family in 1851. They may be in Bedfordshire or any surrounding county.

William Thomas b. ?
spouse Emma b. ?
son William Thomas b. 1846

Births Sep 1846 Bedfordshire
De Fraine William Luten 6 114 * Luton

Marriages Mar 1845
De' Fraine William Berkhampstead 6 569
DEFRAINE William Berkhampstead 6 569
Thompson Emma Berkhampstead 6 569

Only one child appears in IGI:

William Defraine b. 9 Jul 1846 c. 20 Sep 1846 The Chapel-Wesleyan, Luton, Bedford, England
Parents William Thomas & Emma


Hi Dave

De FRAINE transcribed as DUTRAINE.

1851 U.K census
Address: Ebenezer st.
C.P: Luton
County: Bedfordshire

DUTRAINE William T, head 1829 age 22 Lett.. Carrier, Gt Berllhampertead, Hertfordshire
DUTRAINE Emma wife 1820 age 31 Luton, Bedfordshire
DUTRAINE William son 1847 age 4 Luton, Bedfordshire

Hello crankypants,

Thank you very much. Please see if you can find then in 1861.


Hi Dave

De FRAINE transcribed as DEFRANCE.

1861 U.K census
Address: Dumfu.. st.
C.P: Chtistchurch
Town: Luton
County: Bedfordshire

DEFRANCE Emma wife 1821 age 40 Straw Bonnet Sewer, Luton, Bedfordshire
DEFRANCE William son 1846 age 15 Pupil Luton, Bedfordshire
PEARMAN Mary Ann lodger 1841 age 20 Straw Bonnet Sewer, Ardley, Hertfordshire

No sign of husband William.

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Hello crankypants,

Thank you. I can't see a death for William that fits.

This looks like Emma:

b. 12 Jun 1819 c. 10 Sep 1819 The Chapel-Wesleyan, Luton, Bedford, England

This may be William although there are other William de FRAINE going by the deaths in FreeBMD.

William de FRAINE c. 7 Oct 1827 Saint Mary, Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
Thomas & Rebecca


Hello crankypants,

I can't see William in the shipping records to Qld. but this one is interesting:

DEFRANE Emma 40 Sultana 1 Nov 1862 IMM/112 155 Z1957 M1696

I can't find a matching death in Qld. though. Son William married in 1868 so he arrived in Australia between 1861 & 1868.


Thanks Vic.

A few bits have been found since this was originally posted.

Births Sep 1846 De FRAINE William Luton 6 114 mmn TOMPSANS

Junior died in Qld. although arrival not found.

Death 6 Jul 1914/C01038 De Fraine William Thomas - William Thomas - Emma Thompson

Marriage 1863/B0488 Slaughter Alfred - Defraine Emma

The Courier (Brisbane, Qld.) - Sat 28 Mar 1863 p.2
March 13, at Brisbane, by the Rev. J. H. Fletcher, Wesleyan Minister, Alfred Slaughter, senior, to Emma, eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel Thompson, of Luton, Bedfordshire.

Emma died when a vessel caught fire.

Rockhampton Bulletin and Central Queensland Advertiser (Qld.) - Tue 6 Jun 1865 p.2
... On the 31st day of March last, the "Fiery Star" cleared out of Moreton Bay, homeward bound ; on the 23rd of April she was destroyed by fire 500 miles off the coast of New Zealand, and her crew and passengers were at the mercy of the winds and waves in open boats. ...
... The following is a list of her passengers, crew, and cargo :
Saloon-Dr. Plowman, Mrs. Dr. Bell, Miss Tine, Miss Dodwell, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, Mrs. Alfred Slaughter, sen., Mrs. A. M'Kay, and Miss Magee. 2nd Cabin- ...

Still no death found for William Thomas senior.
This does not fit.

DEFRAIN William 27 'Lady Macdonald' 1856 Moreton Bay Reels 2138, 2474

Arrived 17 Oct 1856 - Reel 2474
Wm. 27 Agl labourer Aylesbury Wm. & Betsey C.E. Both

Death 29 May 1863/C0680 De Fraine William - William De Fraine - Marian Hughes

Can't find a notice in Trove
Free BMD has a peculiar entry for March 1856.
Death. DEF* William - then no district nor volume/page reference.
I know your William Thomas was missing from home in 1861. Could this be him?
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Free BMD has a peculiar entry for March 1856.
Death. DEF* William - then no district nor page/line reference.
I know your William Thomas was missing from home in 1851, but could this be him?

Thanks Vic.


Probate index starts 1858.
I've looked at the image and I can't see how this is readable
Defeery William Whitechapel 1c 236

The whole page is almost impossible to read.

Emma says she is married in 1861.