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William V JAMES


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Births Dec 1850
James William Vaughan Liverpool 20 424

Marriages Sep 1870
Cooke Anne Manchester 8d 257
JAMES William Vaughan Manchester 8d 257
OLIVE Elizabeth Ann Manchester 8d 257
Shufflebotham Charles Manchester 8d 257

I'd like a look up please for William in 1871.


Hello GB,

Thanks for looking.

Anne COOKE. :)

No death in Lancs that fits 1870-1871 for William.

Deaths Sep 1874
JAMES William 23 W Derby 8b 308
James William 23 W.Derby 8b 358

Deaths Mar 1876
James William 26 Liverpool 8b 30


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Hello GB,

William is not with the rest of the family and I can't see his death in Queensland.

JAMES Mary 44 'Glamis' 7 Feb 1877 IMM/115 1295 Z1959 M1698
JAMES Charles 23 'Glamis' 7 Feb 1877 IMM/115 1295 Z1959 M1698
JAMES Mary 21 'Glamis' 7 Feb 1877 IMM/115 1295 Z1959 M1698
JAMES Joseph 19 'Glamis' 7 Feb 1877 IMM/115 1295 Z1959 M1698
JAMES Emily 16 'Glamis' 7 Feb 1877 IMM/115 1295 Z1959 M1698
JAMES Harriet 14 'Glamis' 7 Feb 1877 IMM/115 1295 Z1959 M1698


Hello Julie,

Thanks. Yes, 1903-1925.

Hmmm... I know why I didn't find his death last time I looked. To reduce the number of William JAMES from 5 pages of hits I entered his father as Thomas but no parents listed. Curious as he had five siblings living in Queensland.

Death 1927/B0664 William Vaughan James - -

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) - Saturday 9 April 1927 p.16
JAMES.-On 22nd March, at Brisbane Hospital, William Vaughan, beloved husband of Agnes James, aged 76 years.

If you remove those with a middle initial not V then you are left with 26 William JAMES on the shipping records to Queensland. However there is only one before 1871 so this could be the one:

JAMES William 20 Flying Cloud 30 Aug 1870 IMM/114 36 Z1958 M1697

No Ann/Anne/Annie on the same vessel.

If the marriage was on 1st July and James arrived on 30 August I suppose it is possible. ???

EDIT: I wonder if we have two William Vaughan JAMES and the one in my tree didn't marry in 1870.


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Hello Julie,

The eldest son:

Births Jun 1849
James Thomas Francis Liverpool 20 474

RG09 Piece 2672 Folio 67 Page 37
RD: Liverpool
Sub District: 4 St George
Enumeration District: 7
Ecclesiastical Parish: St George
Civil Parish: Liverpool
Municipal Borough: Liverpool
Address: 11 St Georges Crescent, Liverpool
County: Lancashire
JAMES, Thomas Head Married M 42 1819 Clothiers Cashier London Middlesex
JAMES, Mary Anderson Wife Married F 29 1832 Manchester Lancashire
JAMES, Thomas Francis Son M 11 1850 Scholar Liverpool Lancashire
JAMES, Wm Vanghan Son M 10 1851 Scholar Liverpool Lancashire
JAMES, Chas Richardson Son M 8 1853 Scholar Liverpool Lancashire

Please see if you can find Thomas, jnr in 1871. Thanks.

The one in the Qld. E/R would be the son of William Vaughan (well at least some if not all the entries):

Marriage 25 Apr 1883/B8249 James William Vaughan - Davidson Agnes

No sign of a notice in the newspapers.

Death 1943/B59679 James Thomas Francis - William Vaughan - Agnes Davidson


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Hello Julie,

Not this one:

Marriages Sep 1865
James Thomas Francis Liverpool 8b 427
Pover Susannah Liverpool 8b 427

groom's name: Thomas Francis James
groom's birth date:
groom's birthplace:
groom's age:
bride's name: Susanah Pover
bride's birth date:
bride's birthplace:
bride's age:
marriage date: 30 Jul 1865
marriage place: Liverpool, Lancashire, England
groom's father's name: James James
groom's mother's name:
bride's father's name: John Pover

Deaths Mar 1890
James Thomas Francis 57 Toxteth Park 8b 166


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