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Convicts # 7 and 10 and 2 others.

No 47
23rd October 1861 in the Wesleyan Chapel Dural New South Wales
Joseph Cavillon Bachelor Parramatta Pastry Cook 28 Goulburn Goulburn Milbah Harrex Baker
Ann Williams Spinster Dural - 33 Dural Dural Charlotte Kentwell Farmer
By me Richard Amos
Witnesses: Samuel & Harriet Crawford

Ann's parents:

St John's Parramatta
No 768
Thomas Williams otp of Parramatta
Charlotte Kentwell otp of Parramatta
married in the Church by Banns
Thirteenth November 1820 By me George Middleton
Both by their x mark
Witnesses: Thomas Thompkins (his x mark), Mary Dale (her x mark)

Thomas son of Thomas Williams (Convict - 'Calcutta') and Ann Davis (Convict - 'Lady Juliana').
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Charlotte's father:

Convicted for the felonious theft of a linen handkerchief, Middlesex Quarter Sessions, worth 10 pence, & sentenced on 27 Jun 1788 to 7 years transportation; arr Sydney 16 Oct 1791, with the 3rd Fleet, on the convict transport "Admiral Barrington"; granted 60 acres at Toongabbie/Mulgrave, Aug 1799; drowned in a major flood of the Hawkesbury at Green Hills (Windsor).

No one seems to be sure of William's parents. "son of William or Richard Kentwell and Anne or Martha Capper"

Charlotte's mother was Elizabeth MORRIS.

Elizabeth was acquitted of a felony charge at Bristol in 1788 and in 1790, at 12 years of age, she was convicted at Bristol of grand larceny. Sentenced to transportation for 7 years, she arrived in Australia in 1791 on the ship 'Mary Ann' as part of the Third Fleet.

Elizabeth died 1852 aged 75.


married 3x + 2 de facto
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William KENTWELL is said to have died in a flood in 1809. Elizabeth remarried in 1815. I can't see a death reg for William 1805-1816.

"on 6 Aug 1815 in Australia NSW Parramatta St Johns C of E"

I have entered Elizabeth and 1815 and District code = CB and no hits.

In August 1809 William Kentwell, and seven others, drowned in the Hawkesbury/Nepean River near Windsor during a flood.

EDIT: I've checked again using CANTWELL and variations and still can't find a death reg.
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Work on Thomas first.

Baptism V1799245 148/1799 WILLIAMS THOMAS - THOMAS - ANN

That baptism is not on film (only Volumes 1-123).

Permission to marry? Can't find the marriage of Thomas & Ann in NSW.

I can find no reference to Thomas and Ann in the NSW convict records:

Thomas Williams (Convict - 'Calcutta') and Ann Davis (Convict - 'Lady Juliana')

I've searched and can't find either vessel arriving 1788 - 1799 in State Archives site.

On a different site:

arrival: Lady Juliana
Convict vessel
Master: Capt Aitken
Origin: Plymouth 1789 Jul 29
Destination: Sydney 1790 Jun 3

Another site has a different Master and departure date:

Lady Juliana Master: T. Edgar; Surgeon Richard Alley. 245 female convicts - Departed Sept 1789
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A common name but it appears as though the tree is in error saying he arrive on 'Calcutta' because it's after 1799:

Title: Thomas Williams, one of 292 convicts transported on the [H.M.S.] Calcutta, February 1803.
Details: Sentence details: Convicted at Hereford Assizes for a term of 7 years on 30 July 1801.
Vessel: [H.M.S.] Calcutta.
Date of Departure: February 1803.
Place of Arrival: [Port Phillip] New South Wales [transferred to Van Diemens Land 1804].
Source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 87, Class and Piece Number HO11/1, Page Number 335 (167)

When I search the Transportation Database for 'Calcutta' I get:

[H.M.S.] Calcutta, February 1803

Impossible with a 1799 baptism.

Convictions site with a different date but still too late:

arrival: ship Calcutta
Convict vessel

Master: Dan Woodriffe
Origin: Spithead 1803 Apr 24
Destination: Sydney 1803 Dec 26
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Although not in the TD or NSW State Records it seems Ann did arrive in 1790 on the 'Lady Juliana' but I can't find Thomas.

Thanks Geoff. Oh. So father =Thomas could be a different Thomas in 1799 baptism.

Ok, move on to William.
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Yes, Just found Ann:

New South Wales, Australia, Settler and Convict Lists, 1787-1834
Name: Ann Davis
Arrival Date: Jan 1790
Vessel: Ld Julian
Province: New South Wales
Title: Female
Year(s): 1788-1819
Place of Conviction: Goucester

I can't find William KENTWELL in the Transportation Database or on NSW State Archives or in a list of convicts on another site.

Details - HERE

Mother and daughter were still together when Elizabeth married William Kentwell (also referred to as Cantwell) at St. John's Parramatta on 4 January 1796.

... had passed it to Dalton and his friend John Lear. The pair may have been suspected of being minor street villains and as a result Dalton, who was only eleven and Lear thirteen were convicted and transported for seven years.

I have several LEARs in my tree from Gloucestershire and several WILMOTTs from the same area connected by marriage to LEARs.

I might have one more convict in my tree if I can connect John LEAR.
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Australian Convict Transportation Registers – Third Fleet, 1791
Name: William Kentwell
Vessel: Atlantic, William and Ann, Britannia, Matilda, Salamander, Albemarle, Mary Ann, Barrington, Active
Fleet: Third
Convicted Date: 27 Jun 1788
Voyage Date: Jan 1791
Colony: New South Wales
Place of Conviction: Middlesex, England

Surname Firstname Alias Alphabetical Indent Tried_at County Tried when Sentence Age Occupation Ship Ship Indent Ship Page Ship Entry Remarks
KENTWELL William 12188_4_4003_0267-268 Middlesex Middlesex 27/06/1788 7 years Admiral Barrington 1150_SZ115_0226 138 018
Thanks Geoff.

There are several listed with vessels but this is the right one without the vessel listed:

Colonial Secretary Index, 1788-1825
DAVIS, Ann. Arrived c.1790; Of Toongabbie
1810 Jan 28 Memorial (Fiche 3003; 4/1821 No.83A)
That's an interesting piece you found, similar to Gibbo's. Helpful that it is documented in that way.


The 1800 muster of the colony recorded William Kentwell as being free and farming 15 cleared acres of land at Toongabbie. The farm received rations for a man woman and two children (William III and Hannah). The Kentwell’s were neighbours of Thomas Williams and Ann Davis. The 1805 muster records William and Elizabeth as being married and having one female child born before marriage (Hannah), and another (Charlotte) along with two boys born after marriage (William and John, born 29 Feb. 1804). Although there is no precise record we can calculate that Charlotte was born sometime in 1802. In 1805 the settlers of the district selected William as one of the Trustees of the Prospect Common. The Common was 9345 acres and used for common pasturing by settlers and those holding leases. By 1806 William owned 75 acres and was assigned a convict servant - Lawrence Kirwan. He was now a prosperous small farmer and a member of an association of like-minded emancipists known as the Association of Hawkesbury Settlers.

The very early convicts are hard to trace using on-line sites. It would seem most of the info for these stories has come off the dozens of films that form what is called "NSW Archives Kit" at State Records and State Library.

I've used part of the kit that is the early BMD films but not yet those films with the convict musters and idents.

No entry in the BMD for Charlotte b. abt 1802.
Yes, Geoff but there are so many by that name and most don't have the vessel listed so it's hard to pick them out but some are obvious:

WILLIAMS, Thomas. Husband of Charlotte Kentwell; of Seven Hills
1821 Jan 3 Petition of wife for grant of cow from Female Orphan Institution (Reel 6040; 4/403 p.56)
Not all agree this is the right one:

William Kentwell
England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
birth 23 Mar 1761
parent Richard Kentwell, Martha
Yes, there are trees that agree with that and the m. to Elizabeth Morris is good.

His mother could be Martha Capper, just trying to prove that.