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Wilson Will - Derbyshire

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fred Hallam


Can some one help me. I have been to the Derbyshire Record Office in Matlock (good hill!! :p).

I have been searching for a will for a great grandma (which I have a poor copy (not the actual will!), but they and I could not find one.

Is there anywhere else I can search for this will??

Please help, :)
Fred H


Tis a long walk up that hill isn't it!! :2fun:

Have you tried the record office at Lichfield - holds all the wills (I believe) for that area.

At least its on the flat!

DJ 8)


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March, Cambs
I have a computer generated copy of a will of an ancestor from Family History Online. I have a few questions as I'm having a hard time understanding what it is really saying.

1. What was a serge maker? That is apparently what my ancestor did for a living.
2. I understand that the will was written on 25th August 1810 but the date of probate is 25th May 1814. What is a date of probate?
3. On the will, under relationship (to the deceased, I presume), it sometimes says 'Guard' or 'Bondsman'. What does this mean and what did they do.
4. Also, this will appears to have been written some 12 years AFTER the date of death that I had for the person in question. Am I going bananas? :wink:

Any light that can be shed would be good!!

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