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Wilton family Rotherhithe

I am trying to trace the Wilton family who lived in Rotherhithe London in 1901. There were a lot of them. The particular line is the one with Henry William Wilton born 1891. I believe he may have married Emily Wood but need to check that I have the correct Henry marrying Emily.
Hi Suzie,

The first thing would be to get one of Henrys childrens birth certificates which will give mothers maiden name. Then once you have that information then Henrys marriage certificate which will give fathers name and occupation.
Hi Suzie

There were 3 Henry William Wiltons born c1891-1892 in the St Olave Southwark district which Rotherhithe came under.

But, I may have found his marriage. Have you already got this info?

Marriages Sep 1912
Wilton Henry W Spouse Surname Wood St.Olave 1d 396

The spouse is an Emily E Wood. The next thing to do is to send off for the marriage cert then any childrens birth certs. Do you know of any names of children born to Henry and Emily?

Here are Wilton births in the St Olave district with mothers maiden name of Wood.

Mar 1913 - Wilton Leonard H Wood St.Olave 1d 302
Sep 1914 - Wilton Rose M Wood St.Olave 1d 299

From FreeBMD

Post 1916 with mothers maiden name of Wood

Amelia M Wilton Jan Feb Mar 1918 St Olave Greater London 1d 183
Frederick G Wilton Apr May Jun 1920 St Olave Greater London 1d 413
Dorothy M Wilton Jan Feb Mar 1923 St Olave Greater London 1d 274
Alice E Wilton Apr May Jun 1926 St Olave Greater London 1d 190

Many thaks for this information.
I guess I have to get hold of Henry and Emilys marriage certificate to find out any more. Do you get their parent's names etc on the certificate?
Hi Suziev

Yes, you will get parents names, fathers occupation, address, mothers maiden name as well as date of birth and place of birth.

My Uncle Henry Wilton (he was called Harry by my Dad) was born in Rotherhithe in 1891. His parents were James Joseph Wilton and Harriet Emma Wilton (nee Musk). Brothers and sisters: James Charles (my Dad), Adaline, Ada, Kate (Catherine) Willie (William) and Arthur. They lived at 20 Trident Street, Rotherhithe. Does this sound like the Henry to you looking for?

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Hi SuzieV50, Henry William Wilton married Emily Elizabeth Wood on 29 September 1912. Henry Wilton was my uncle 9my Dad's younger brother. Post a reply if you want more information about this family. I have been doing the research.
Please let me know any information you have about Henry (Harry) Wilton and anything you know about his marriage to Emily Wood.

Many thanks
Hi again

I have re read both your posts and your Henry Wilton really does seem to be the same as mine. I have been trying to research this part of my family and anything you have would be helpful. I'm sorry there has been a delay in responding to you since your response in September but I have only just picked the email up.

Many thanks in anticipation.
Hello again! Henry [Harry] William Wilton was my uncle - my father's younger brother. He was born in 1891 and I believed, lived at 11 Bush Road, Rotherhithe with father James Joseph and mother Harriet Emma and my Dad, James Charles. The only other information I have is that Henry (Harry) married Emily Elizabeth Wood on 29 September 1912. I hope this will be of some help to you.
Regards Anne Durrant
Many thanks. for that information. If your Dad was Henry's brother then you must be my Dad's cousin. I don't know how much research you have done into the Wilton family history but I do have a bit. I'm also interested in tracing the other members of the family who are still alive.

I have been doing quite a bit of research through Ancestry.co.uk and have managed to go back to 1841. I would like to send you a copy of my findings but, unfortunately I can't do this through the Forum - it is too long! However, because I am the youngest member of my parents big family, I really didn't know many of my cousins (I am onow 71). We moved away from London after my eldest sister was killed in the Blitz of 1940 - as did quite a few Londoners. My Dad and Harry (along with about 200 other male members of the Wilton family) worked in the London Docks as Stevedors and were referred to as "THE ROYAL WILTONS"! They were a pretty tough bunch! In 1901, James Joseph Wilton and his wife, Harriet Emma (nee Musk) lived at 20 Trident Street, Rotherhithe. Their children were: James Charles, Henry William, Frank, Madeline Catherine, Ada Elizabeth, Catherine Emily, and William John. Arthur was born in 1903. I now live in France so if you would like to write to me, I will send you the information I have gathered so far NAME AND POSTAL ADDRESS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS. IF YOU WISH TO SWAP CONTACT DETAILS PLEASE DO SO BY USING THE PRIVATE MESSAGE SYSTEM
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Dear Anne & Sue,

My name is Gareth Lawson. My nan is Doris Violet Wilton, who was born 1935 and is one of five (or possibly seven) siblings of Arthur Wilton (b 1903 or 1904). Arthur died courageously in 1957 in Surrey Quays, London trying to save a child who fell into the docks. Arthur's father is James Joseph, who married Harriet Musk. I understand that James Joseph was shot in docks, though he died from pneumonia, caused by weakness from the gun wound.

Only this week I saw my great uncle Frederick Wilton (my nan's brother). He was one of the many Stevedors who worked in Surrey docks, and campaigned for years to prevent the import of asbestos due to it's deadly effects.

We are both working together to trace back the Wilton family name (among others) and would be grateful for any info you have. Please feel free to message me.

Kind regards,
Hi Gareth
It is some time since either of the persons you wish to contact have been on the site.
If you make two more posts, (say hello to a new member, and reply to me) you should be able to send them both a Private message which will be put into their email in boxes. Once you have made 3 posts in total your name will turn green and the PM system will be open to you.

Hello Gareth
James Joseph Wilton was my Great Grandfather. I have done quite a lot of research into the Wilton family.
Have you done a family tree?