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Wiltshire Camera


Lee and his wife kindly sent me a couple of books and i have been having a read :biggrin:

The below is from the book "A Wiltshire Camera 1835 - 1914"

Clappen's Corner, Swindon in 1904, when 4 1/2 miles of tramways were opened with a maximum fare of 3d. Conductors were paid 4 1/4d an hour. On the day of the ceremonial opening the first tram to use the line rounded Clappen's Corner too fast and dislodged the trolley head :eek: The town dignitaries were not amused when they had to dismount and board another tram :2fun::2fun:

Thank you Lee and Donnami, im enjoying the books :)
A 10 H.P Back Entrance Pipe car :confused:

There is a photo of it but it just looks like a car from back then. Might have to google Back Entrance Pipe car :biggrin:

Not far from where this fellow tipped over:(:( spot the ad for artificial teeth:eek:
Glad you like them Gibbo...will send you some more in the New Year:)
Incidently while you are here wonder if you could help me out on something,one of the worlds tallest men lived in Stratton Swindon where i live,his name was Henry Dalglish and a few details on him on the link below


Can find nothing on him not even locally!

By a strange bit of fate Payne the Giant on the above link lived in another Stratton in Cornwall.
Been tall must have been in the Dalglish genes.

This isnt your fella but ...

After strong opposition Daglish became leader. He was described by a parliamentary official as 'tall and of fine presence with a powerful if not pleasing voice'; but Melbourne Punch thought him 'thin and consumptive' with 'big goo-goo eyes, cadaverous cheeks', long neck and 'floppy ears' :eek:

This notes the death of Henry Edward Daglish in 1951 - the event appears to have been deemed newsworthy because Henry was apparently 7 feet 7 inches (The Times, March 16 1951). Henry was the son of Christopher John Daglish and Beatrice May Hambidge from Swindon, and his grandfather, John Daglish, had moved to Swindon from South Shields.


The Times (London, England), Friday, Mar 16, 1951

Mr Henry Edward Daglish aged 25 who died suddenly yesterday at his home in Kingsdown Road Upper Stratton, Wiltshire was 7 ft. 7 in tall.
Henry Edward Daglish (1926-1951) - At one time was worlds tallest man. Measured at 7ft 7" on his death was believed to actually have been 2 inches taller. He worked for Arkells brewery as a dray man.


Interesting didn't know that about the brewery...been doing pick ups from there all last week and i took a photo!
Early morning pickup:)


About a mile from my house....incidently one of the Arkell family left in the 1800s and set up a small colony in Canada...still known by the name of Arkell

Thanks for the info.:)
I like photos of sunrises and sunsets.
I took this one early morning at Moore Park Beach just outside of Bundy when i was there a few weeks ago.
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