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Witchcraft in Eastend in Scotland?!


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My paternal grandmother's family were Scottish and in our family documents we have an old 'scroll' in a little wooden tube with some very hard to decipher writing - which appears to be the efforts of someone to write down the ancestry of the family and one entry says -

"Third descent or second full cousins and brother
1 John Gillies at the Woodhead in 1720 he
Served 27 years in the 32 and 53 of foot. He died 1802
2 Mary Gillies born 1721. She was said to have been
The victim of witchcraft going on at Eastend for a good while
She married John Johnstone in Paisley a blacksmith
3 Jean Gillies born at the Eastend in 1726 a droich(?!)
Or a dwarf she died about 1810 unmarried".

Apart from having no idea that witchcraft was a problem in Scotland! - I am also puzzled by repeated references to the Eastend - apart from the one in London - I don't know where this means? If I knew where it was I might be able to find out more about what went on regarding the witchcraft?
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