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Wives and husbands.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Hello my Forum friends,

What influence do your partners play on your research.

I admit that my dearest wife was feeling a bit 'left out' tonight. So, I signed off and out and payed more attention to her.

Do partners (men and women) 'understand' what you are doing. Or do they curse the day that you started.

She has now gone to bed, so must be quick.

Any comments on this.??

(Pssssstt. don't let them see this post):)

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Hi Steve My Husband Has Been Reserching His Family For The Past 3 Years I Got Very Fed Up He Spent All His Time On The Computer I Got P----- Off
Untill I Started Doing My Family Tree Ive Never Touched A Computer Before But Im Learning. Its Great Now Weve Got To Computers In The dineing Room But Who Cares Good Luck

I am an avid genealogist and that can annoy my family that I seem to spend more time on "Dead people" than I do with ones that are alive. I always seem to be on the computer.

I research my ancestors in DetaiL from their date of birth to knowing the architecture of their dwellings. I go way beyond establising dates and events. I build up a very colourful family tree on my ancestors.