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wood again

madison, New York
:'( :confused: :'( :confused: HELP:'( :'( :'(

First just so everyone knows, I don't need censuses I have all I could find, unless Wales has the 1911 ones out. I have birth registeries of alot of the and marriage registery of thomas and Sarah, Don't have christing records

I have found out more since I last asked for help so I am going to add what I have posted on ancestary and see if anyone from here may be able to help.

Sarah Jane Ellen Jones (abt 1868 died jan 6 1939) buried in Pont Robert Church Cemetery, Wales

Thomas Wood (abt 1864 died march 4 1957)buried in Pont Robert Church Cemetery, Wales

married nov 27 1886,montgomery county,
both father's first names were John,

6 of the boys came to ny usa before 1938, the others were still in Wales at that time, would like any information on either family.
Walter, one of their sons was my grandfather who died in a car accident dec 25, 1938 in ny usa. My mother at that time was 4.

Thomas and Sarah's Children:

Walter J. WOOD 3 may 1909 -25 dec 1938 *

William E Wood abt 1887* (went by middle name edward, died in NY)

Edwin Wood *abt 1903

Hartwell Wood *abt 1899

John Stanley Wood 24 Aug 1892

Evan Herbert Wood 16 Nov 1894

George Horace wood - 25 mar 1890

Sarah Jane wood abt 1897

Thomas Henry wood - 19 mar 1888 (nick name Harry)*

Margaret Wood abt 1901
Louise (I have been told she was a district nurse and married a farmer) (this may also have been Margaret going by middle name of Lousia)

(i guess there was a rumor that my grandfather or one of his brothers might have had a daughter named Olga in Wales)

David Ernest* 3 aug 1907 died 13 jan 1986 wife gladys gwendoline, buried in Pont Robert Church Cemetery, Wales

Florence Charlotte Ratcliffe (wood) 4 dec 1904 die 1977buried in Pont Robert Church Cemetery, Wales

Anita Wood

The children as far as I know went to Pont Roberts school.
All Children born in Wales, names with * next to them I know came to the usa and were living there in 1938 Now I do have copies of all the census in Wales that I could find, Also the ones in the USA census that I knew was connected. but besides getting more of the childrens names and my g grandparents dod I am still where I was before. So if I can find get any help here I would appreciate it.:) :rolleyes: :p ;) :)

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