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Woodcock Family tree and the missing link...

Hi all, Dont know if anyone can help me with my research..

I have been researching my tree for a while now but hit a big brick wall..

ok, So I am looking into some information on a Harry Woodcock, Approx birth around 1900 born in the croydon, wandsworth area I believe..

He was a bigamist and was married to 3 women at the same time.. He had a son (John Woodcock still living aged 79 - he had two sons ) with a woman called Olga.
John believes that they went to Australia for a while.. and Olga may even been born there...

Now John Says he is related to us. but it all doesnt add up. he is saying that his dad (harry) is one of my grandad brothers. so unless one of them changed there name, I just can seem to see how this is..

my grandad was ~ Leonard Woodock (1914 - 1978 ) he had 3 brothers called Williaim, Henry , and Edward ( know as Teddie) there parent were.. Alfred james woodcock and Alice Agnes Mandry.

Now we know It could not of been Willaim, as he my auntie has meet him when he was alive, so that leaves possible Henry or Edward that changed there name..

If anyone could help it would be great, I also have more information if needed..

Look forward to see if anyone has any answers for me...
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