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Melbourne, Australia
Hi Everybody!

I have found a relative who was in a workhouse in manchester at the time of the 1881 Census.

He was listed as a "Pauper Inmate" and his wife had gone back to live with her mother (in a cellar) and I think I have found their five kids - 2 in an orphanage and 3 in a childrens home.

What is a pauper inmate? Is being in a workhouse like being in prison, or was he in there because he was poor?

Are there any detailed records for workhouses?

So far I have traced my family back to an unemployed walking stick maker, several children described as "idiots" in the census, and a man in a workhouse. I'm starting to feel a bit depressed about the whole thing!!

some workhouse records have survived really well, others havent fared so good :(

you will usually find them at the Records Office or Archives, or ask someone to look for you if you can't physically get there.

"some" workhouses still do exist, but obviously arent workhouses now, (aside from the museums of course)