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Worroh me muckers (hello in black country speek)

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New on this site, have been trying to trace my family line for a few years now, i did start when my son was in school had a project about family's with this done i put things aside until sites like this came about.

Family name is Irish so have only got GG grandfather from when he came over to the UK, through other contacts and through GG grandmothers family line they've got to 1666.

from another genealogy site i know there is a lot of info i could put up about myself so will not use real name, the Black Country is an area in the Midlands where i live and i'm a male, nick name is what i'll sign off with, :)

Hiya Buggs ,( I wonder if your last name is Malone? ):biggrin:
welcome to the FHUK forums, we hope you have great success with your research into your ancestoral past, if we can be of any assistance please post your questions on the appropriate forum along with any relevant information you do have and we will see if we can find the answers for you.
We hope you enjoy the FHUK forums and we look forward to hearing from you . Best regards StericoO0