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Would the cause of death, i.e. Breast cancer be marked on a death certificate in 1914.


A cause of death would be entered on the death certificate. One of my gt grandfathers died in 1916, his cause of death was diatetes mellitus. The only way to know what was entered is to get the death certificate.
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Would they have known abt Breast cancer at that time please, I cannot find the GRO ref for her. She was Ann(ie) Bustin Born 12 Oct 1879 at Cumnor she died June 1914 at Binsey and was interred 1 July in Headington Oxford, the information I have is for the Oxford parish records. Thank you.
Would they have known abt Breast cancer at that time please,

Yes they did know.

1882: William Halsted performed the first radical mastectomy. This surgery will remain the standard operation to treat breast cancer until into the 20th century.
1895: The first X-ray is taken. Eventually, low-dose X-rays called mammograms will be used to detect breast cancer.


and this


This is the Death Cert of my paternal grandmother, at least it does not say breast cancer, (I am attempting to find if it is hereditary in my family) but it has thrown up something that I did not know as she died 20 days after pregnancy but I cannot find a birth that ties in with this.


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