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Wrexham marriages


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I'd like some help matching these couples please.

Marriages Sep 1867
JONES Jane Wrexham 11b 407
PARKER Harriet Wrexham 11b 407
SMITH George Wrexham 11b 407
Taylor George Wrexham 11b 407

I have matched these:

Marriages Sep 1867
INKLEY Theophilus Liverpool 8b 387 %
JONES Jane Liverpool 8b 387 ***
MUDGE Mary Sarah Liverpool 8b 387 %
Taylor George Liverpool 8b 387 ***

This is the problem I have. When and where did they marry?

Birth in Queensland and 9 more to 1893.
1875/C0843 Taylor George Robert - George - Jane Jones

Death # 1894/C02764 Taylor George - - ** born England aged 50 years

Death # 1921/C00357 Taylor Jane - Richard Jones - Jane McCartney


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Hiya Dave,

Searched the 1861 census for Jane Jones, with parents Richard and Jane. In England, there are just six. There are none in Liverpool; the three in Shropshire, Manchester and Bolton are too young to have married in 1867. There is one in Aylesbury, born 1838, but she wouldn't be having babies in 1893! The other two are in Middlesex.

There are 20 in Wales, some in counties near Wrexham, so maybe you could consider the Wrexham marriage as yours.

Best wishes,

Josie :)
Hello Josie,

Thanks for looking.

I can see three problems.

I have not been able to match the Wrexham couples so Jane may have married SMITH.

I know George was born in England but the death reg for Jane does not say so. Queensland deaths usually say if they were born in England, Scotland, etc... Given her mother's name, Jane might be Irish.

George and Jane may have married in Australia. I've checked Qld. and NSW and didn't find it so I started looking in England. I only found two possible.


Hello Josie,

Thanks for looking.

I can see three problems.

I have not been able to match the Wrexham couples so Jane may have married SMITH.



Hi Dave,

Just had a look at the following website!


A search for Jane Jones revealed the following possibilities, the first of which looks promising. Oddly, the names of the alternative couple are not the same as those on Freebmd, vol 11b page 407.


Does this help at all?

It's the witching hour here! :biggrin:

Hello Josie,

Sorry, I've sent you on a wild marriage hunt. :D

Seems I was right about Jane's death reg. It didn't say born Ireland or whatever for a reason:

:2fun: Baptism in Qld. so where is the marriage?

1854/BBP2346 Jane Jones - Richard - Jane Macartney

That means the birth could be 1850-1855 even. When the church baptisms were transcribed and added to the index they all gained a date of 1854 regardless of the actual year of birth or baptism even some a few years after 1854.

I can't find the marriage in Qld. or NSW.


Hello Josie,

Thank you very much. A church wedding added to the index with a 1854 date. I'll check TROVE to see if I can find the actual date.

Still can't find the TAYLOR - JONES marriage. They register the birth of 10 children but not their own marriage?


Sorry, no luck either, Dave!

Found a marriage in 1874 of George Taylor and Jane Pierce and wondered whether your Jane had been married before. Sadly, there is no Jane Jones marriage to a Pierce!

FH can be so frustrating! :biggrin:

Hello Josie,

Thanks for looking.

You win some and you lose some. :D

Some progress was made.


This one is no longer on the index. ???

1854/BBP2346 Jane Jones - Richard - Jane Macartney

Baptisms on current index:
1854/BBP2390 Charles Jones - Richard Jane -
1854/BBP2797 Sarah Jones - Richard Jane -
1856/B152 Richard Macartney Jones - Richard Jane Macartney
1858/B640 Sampson Jeremiah Scanlan Jones - Richard Jane Macartney
1860/B288 Rosina Jones - Richard Jane Macartney

Church marriage no longer on the index. ???

1854/BM3 Jones Richard - McCarthy Jane

Does that mean the marriage was not in Queensland and that daughter Jane was also not born in Queensland? Curious. Very curious. :D

EDIT: If you start the search at 01/01/1850 the two in red do not appear.

The marriage appears if you start at 01/01/1842. The marriage was on 13 Jun 1842.

V1842444 26C/1842 JONES RICHARD - MC CARTHY JANE * CU= CofE St John's Brisbane

Jane was born or baptised on 8 Sep 1845.


Now the BIG question - when did Jane JONES marry George TAYLOR ?
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Thanks for looking Mark.

Yes, all events in Queensland.

Queensland Index for a baptism
1854/BBP2346 Jones Jane - Richard - Jane Macartney * 8 Sep 1845

NSW Index for a baptism

Presbyterian Baptisms
No. - When Baptised: 7 Decr. 1845 When Born: 8 Septr. 1845 Jane - Richard Jones & Jane Macartney Abode: Brisbane Moreton B. Quality or Profession: Sawyer By whom the Ceremony was performed: J. D. Lang, Minstr.

1st Marriage 7 Oct 1861/B0173 Roberts William - Jones Jane

Death 1864/B1881 Roberts William - Samuel Roberts - Alice Haywood

2nd Marriage 8 Feb 1869/C0305 Pierce Albert Augustus Henery - Roberts Jane

3rd Marriage 22 Apr 1874/C0167 Taylor George - Pierce Jane

Gympie Times and Mary River Mining Gazette (Qld.) - Sat 16 May 1874 p.3
TAYLOR - PIERCE.-On the 22nd April, at One-mile, Gympie, by the Rev. L. C. Jamieson, Congregational Minister, George Taylor, to Jane Pierce, both of Gympie.

Hi Gwenyth,

It was my original error in thinking the marriage was in Wrexham. I then discovered that Jane had married three times in Queensland as per details in post #12.