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Writing a Family History Blog

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I have decided to start writing a family history blog to record my own family tree, to promote interest in our hobby, and to hopefully find people with similar interests to my own. I have shared the links below. Any comments and feed back are most welcome, both positive and negative. Please feel free to comment on the blog pages as well.

I have also started writing a blog for Family History Magazine, see link below


My twitter and blog links as follows:



Names I am researching are:

Chiddicks in Essex
Daniels in Dublin
Keyes in Prittlewell
Wootton in Herefordshire and London
Jack in Scotland
The key thing is that we learn from the mistakes of others. To continue to make the same mistakes would be a crime. History is their to teach us and shape us, it shouldn't be there necessary as a stick to beat us with.
I agree.....but the same mistakes are being made, and it's the fact that others don't know their history.
The stick is still be used, but again.......no one bothers to check the historical stick waving.
We can’t shape the history of what went before us, all we can do is shape our future history and be a part of creating a better world………..if thats possible!
from your Blog

"Whatever direction your journey takes you is ultimately your choice there should be pressure to conform, be a rebel and follow your own path of discovery"

think you have missed a NO

As you have mentioned Google ,may I remind you that your Blog can be found very easy on a search engine.

Jack Glasgow 1850 - 1900
Chiddicks 1700 - 1900

this your tree on Ancs.

Birth: 1761
Death: 04 Feb 1816 (4 Feb 1816) - South Fambridge, Essex
Marriage: 20 Feb 1794 - South Fambridge, Essex
Spouse: Ann Beard

Not open for further replies.