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WW1 campaign medals


Staff member
Robin Hood County
After watching flog it there were some campaign medals being sold and one of them, I think it was the 1914-1915 medal was engraved with the name and regiment of the recipent, was this the norm or would it have been engraved after.

Hi Julie
Im not sure when there were engraved, but my Great-grandfathers medals are engraved with his name rank, regeiment and number. I have his 1914-15 star, and 1914-1918 medal - there is one more bu tmy uncle has that, i assume this is also engraved.
Hi Julie & Matt,

My cousin has a medal from 1914-1915 it is engraved with name, regiment & service number. The medal was in his fathers effects & he didn't know where it came from as his father was in WW2. We worked out it was from an uncle who died at the Battle of Mons in WW1, so his medal would have been issued to his family. I don't imagine they would have engraved it themselves so I think it would have been the norm to have been already engraved.

I believe that it was standard practice to engrave the medals when they were issued. I'm not sure why but it's great for those of us researching!
I've found what I think is my g-grandfathers' medal card on the National archives website and I've contacted my relative who has the medals to check if the number engraved on them is the same as the one on the card.