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WW1 Medal Records - threat of being destroyed?

Has anyone else heard/read about this?

Apparently, in April the MOD intends to destroy some 6 million records of medals issued to WW1 personnel.

The private facility used by the MOD to hold the records at
Hayes wants to relocate and charge the MOD for moving the cards. The
MOD's response is to get rid of the 140 filing cabinets that contain the
4-6 cards. The National Archives doesn't want to take on the cards
because it has already microfiched them and the microfiche has been
digitally scanned (see www.documentsonline.nationalarchives.gov.uk).

Only the fronts of the cards have been scanned and it is believed that written on the back of many of these cards is the address
that the medals were sent to. Often, it isn't possible to determine
whether the record of the medals issued relates to your ancestor or
another person without checking this address.

If the National Archives won't step in, perhaps someone else will. The Imperial War Museum? The Veteran's Association?

The MOD claims its holds copyright on the cards and that it can do what
it wishes with them.

We must urge the Minister of Defence, Geoff Hoon, and the Director of the National Archives, Sarah Tyacke, to prevent the destruction of these records straight away.
Please Address your letter as below & it will be passed it on to these authorities:

Rt Hon Geoff Hoon & Sarah Tyacke
Save the Medal Index Cards
c/o Your Family Tree
30 Monmouth Street
Bath BA1 2BW

Alternatively, send an email headed 'Save the Medal Index Cards' to
. Do it now - the records are due to be

I am horrified at these proposals. Please help!
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