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WW1 uniform identification?

I've read this with a lot of interest, and the only point I can add is - 'have you contacted the museum of The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers?' To my knowledge there is an active RNF Association and they meet every year in June to commemorate those they lost in Aden in 1967. Sometimes it is amazing what information Regimental Museums hold. Just a thought.

Hi Brian

Thank you for the information. I looked on line yesterday and found the museum based at Alnwick Castle, approx 90 minute drive from me. It's now on my list to visit. I like the sound of attending one of the meets. Thanks for the heads-up on that ?

Regards, Paul
Hello Paul,
This year being the 50th Anniversary of troops leaving Aden, there will no doubt be some parade in your part of the country. If you google Aden Veterans Association, click on enter, click on branches and scroll down to Northumberland, there's a contact email and telephone number for their secretary, who may well be a former RNF man, but if not, he'll know those that may give you more information.

Good luck and regards.

Hi Brian

Thank you for that information. Looks like I may have timed this just right. I'll do exactly what you suggest and make contact today.

Thank you again for taking the time to pass on the information. What an amazing group this is.

Regards, Paul.
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