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Yorkshire & Lancashire Regiment WWI

North of Watford Gap
I noted that once again, the MOD after making the remarkable discovery of the very sad remains of soldiers 4/5 years ago - this time from the above regiment - who lost their lives, have with extensive DNA research managed to identify 10 of the 15, and are planning a reburial with full Military Honours in October, location as yet unknown. Sorry, I haven't the names, but most families are still in the Yorkshire area, one is in Canada, some didn't even know they had that relative either. DNA has certainly helped!
Following on from Brian's post ..

The 10 soldiers who have been identified are:

Pte Herbert Ernest Allcock, born in Leeds, with family now living in Lancashire

Pte John Brameld, born in Sheffield with family living in Yorkshire

Cpl Francis Carr Dyson, born in Wakefield with family now living in Derbyshire

Pte Walter Ellis, born in Doncaster with family living in Yorkshire

Pte John Willie Jarvis, born in Rotherham with family living in Yorkshire

Pte Leonard Arthur Morley, born in Boxhill, Surrey with family now living in Canada

Pte Ernest Oxer, born in Rotherham with family living in Yorkshire

Pte John Richmond, born in Nottingham with family living in Nottinghamshire

Pte William Alfred Singyard, born in Newcastle upon Tyne with family now living in Lincolnshire

L/Cpl William Henry Warr, born in Dorset with family now living in Somerset

Yesterday I saw the pictures of the burials in France. One picture is of Walter Oxer by Ernest's grave. My mother's maiden name was Oxer, her father (my Grandfather) was David Oxer, brother of Ernest. I'm trying to contact Walter, I see he has a Facebook account but has not accessed it for over a year. Any help in reaching him would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
David Morris
Victoria B.C. Canada
If you have a look at www.192.com search for Walter Oxer it comes up with who you are looking for. You will need some credits to get his address etc.

Walter Barry Oxer

Full Address

other occupants
Jan L Oxer, Dylan S Oxer

electoral roll


have since found this

UK electoral registers

First name(s)
Dylan S

Last name

8, Cobden Avenue, Mexborough, South Yorkshire, S64 0AD



South Yorkshire



Electoral rolls
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Occupancy (years)

Other occupants
Walter Oxer

Other members' first name(s)
Jan L, Walter Barry

Other members' last name

(Dylan Spencer Oxer died 2006)

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I'm so happy that this thread has produced some information that could lead to relatives getting in touch - it's made my day! The benefits of being on this site are truly remarkable - best wishes and thanks to our wonderful moderators.
You're welcome
let us know how you get on.

thought you may be interested in this record on www.192.com seeing as the head is called David

David Oxer
Age Guide: 55-59
Mexborough, South Yorkshire, S64

other occupants
Jonathan D Oxer, Lucinda E Oxer, Mandy E Oxer
It appears we have "struck out" with Walter. His phone number is unlisted, we have written to that address but no reply. I also found other Oxer's in Mexborough with phone numbers, we have called them, one person said we have the wrong number and "hung up", the second gentleman was kind and tried to be helpful, he knew Walter but did not have his phone number or current address.
Thanks again for all the help provided on this website.
David Morris
Good morning all, season's greetings to all and best wishes for a safe and healthy 2015.
I am very happy to report that my sister in England made contact with Walter. She had written to the address we believed was where he lived but it turns out he had sold his house in Mexborough and moved to Ireland. The person who bought the house forwarded the letter and contact was made.
Many thanks to all who helped make this possible.