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Youngs of Birmingham - Help ..... I'm Stuck !


New member
Looking for some help with my family tree which has been a little "stuck" for many years now !

I have safely traced my ancestry back to WILLIAM YOUNG (c.1859-1916 "Worcestershire") who married ELIZABETH HOWELL (1861-1944 "Birmingham") at St Andrews, Bordesley in May 1883. Where I am struggling is in finding William's father who is listed on his marriage certificate as another WILLIAM YOUNG - occupation "carter".

My biggest problem is that I can not find William & Elizabeth's family on the 1891 census nor the 1911 census. After years of not finding them on the 1901 census too, I discovered them listed under Elizabeth's maiden name "Howell" at 116 Crockett's Road, Handsworth ..... their children matching with records I have so it is them.

William is listed as a "Greengrocer and Coal Dealer" on the 1901 census but, from what I can find, William was never more than a basic handyman and was never a shopkeeper. However, Elizabeth's brother John B Howell (b1874) was a shopkeeper AND was at 116 Cockett's Road in 1903 for sure.

On the face of it, William has avoided two of the census returns and appeared on one but under his wife's maiden name and seemingly pretending to be his brother in law !

Without these census returns, I'm struggling to find his father William Senior. I have made an assumption that it is a William Young b.1831 in Redmarley and married to Emma Tyler (b1838 ) at Great Malvern (1856) ...... it works quite well but I would dearly love to be more certain.

So ..... if anybody can help here to either find William and Elizabeth's family on the census returns OR find William's father OR even make some sense of what is going on, then I would be very, very grateful !!!
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