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Your Best Friends Picture.

Our Fox Terrier passed four years ago and my wife and I promised we wouldn't get any more dogs. But in our heart of hearts we knew if the right dog came along we'd take him/her in. I was out washing the car one afternoon and noticed this extremely large beautiful golden lab coming down the street towards me. I knew she was lost and I called to her and she came to me right away. I knew she didn't belong in the neighborhood as I'm famaliar with most of the dogs in our area. I brought her inside the gate and spent the next few days attempting to locate the owner and came to the conclusion that someone had dumped her. Well... we fell in love with this dog and took her to our Vet and it was determined she was about 6 years old. She's the sweetest and best dog we've ever had. She's not a golden lab. She's an 'American Pitbull Terrier' and weighs in at 95 pounds!

Here's our big baby and best friend, Suzy.

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