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Seeking any information on my mum (Elizabeth Hawksworth ne Burton born 1st August 1914
You have put your query in your profile, and not directly on to the forum. Could you possibly do that so the members can help you.
I'm seeking information on my Paternal Grandpa Frederick Charles James born in 1925 in England. He had one child a son name Allan who was born in 1943. Was married to Doris Donnelly. He and my Dad eventually moved to Canada
Hello, I'm seeking any information on Rita Mary Myhill, (Rita Mantle) born Bromsgrove, Worcestershire in 1927, wed William Mantle there in 1949, and died in Birmingham in 1996.
Birth registration.

Sept 1/4 - 1927 - Bromsgrove
Rita M Myhill
Mothers maiden name Chance
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Hi All, I just joined from Sydney, Australia. I was googling for some information on my in-laws side of the family and this website came through on the lists.
First time I've seen it. Happy to be here, and maybe find some others researching the same families as me. My ancestors come from England, Scotland and Ireland, as far as I know but they could be from other places as well!! Thanks for letting me join.
Hi all, thank you for adding me. I'm new to the site and new to ancestry research too. I would be very interested to know whether there has been any simple how-to guide written on how to navigate the ancestry sites, I seem to get only so far then no further...for instance how far back would birth certificates go? Or are there other options I should look at? Many thanks :-)
Hi All thanks for the add. Vast tree so far with over 60,000! Ireland, Australia, USA and Canada. Duffy, Moon, Daley, Meyer
Hi, I am looking for any clues on marriage of Ellen Lockhart and John Anderson, Carrickfergus 1844. John originally from Edinburgh, Ellen born 1823. Ellen died 1900 in Belfast. John alive in Belfast in 1892 but dead by 1900
Hi. I am an Australian tracing my family (Burnett, Wright, Green,Kirby) back to Yorkshire and the Village of Thorner in the 18th century and earlier. If anyone has a shared history of these names and has photos of the area I would be most grateful to hear from them.
G'day, I'm new to this forum. I would like to ask for opinions about a situation with one of my ancestors. Without giving a name to start with, I have an ancestor who had a child at the age of 48/49. She had not had any children for 9 years before this birth. There was a daughter at home, aged 15 at the time of this birth.
Having done our DNA tests, search/filter options make this an interesting puzzle.
Hi cpad, without knowing how long go this was it is difficult to say. However in the past when it was frowned upon to be a young single mother it was not an uncommon practice for the baby to be taken in by a family member (mother, sister, aunt) and raised as their own. A way of raising the baby in its family and avaoiding the bias and stigma of the times. Maybe this could be the case with your ancestor.
I am trying to to trace my family on my mothers side and am stuck on samuel field born in Halesworth 1773 his second wife was Jane (fulcher) .
I am also looking at the burwell family and am stuck on Thomas Burwell born 1799 kingscliffe northamton .
also thomas williamson born 1811 birmingham a gunmaker his father was thomas.
I would be very happy to hear from anyone with connections to these famlies.
Hi, I'm new to the site , I have acquired an indenture (not to do with my Family Tree,just interest) and I would like a good place of reference in understanding the legal terminology , i.e. who owns what etc. This has particular significance as there are 4 sheets of slaves listed. Thanks in advance .
Hello, I'm new on the site. So having a look around to see how it all works. Any tips or help would be very welcome. ;-)
Hi, I'm new. Researching the Rollings/ Rawlings family from morborn, Huntingdonshire ,England. John Rollings 1808-1890. Having trouble finding his baptism in Morborn. Does anyone know how I can access the church records for this area please.
Hi Kim,
Welcome to our FHUK Community Forums
You would be best posting your 8ngormation on one of.our forum boards such as
Post with as much information as you can Names, nicknames, DOB it.approx years, places they lived, marriages if any, death records and any other information 👌
All the best
Admin FHUK Community Forums
Hi. I'm new. Researching Margaret Butler from MyHeritage DNA.
you would be better posting this on the main forums. Please state as information - Full name, nickname, DOB, places, marriages,.and any death records, as much information as possible.
Sorry I meant Daniel Bierton .I believe it to be the same as the thread b.1891.I have come across some medals with his name and serial no.during the clearance of my father in law's house.